Bulmarket’s development plans

22.06.2021 | 08:02

This year Bulmarket celebrates 25 years since its establishment. A quarter of a century in which the growth of the group is visible and tangible. In order for the company to always be in line with the trends, but also to anticipate them, our policy has always been for large-scale investments to create better services and products and to create new jobs in our community. Today we will share some of our development plans until 2022, which we are working on.

Restructuring of the companies in the group is underway. The newly registered Bulmarket Group will include all companies engaged in trade in mineral fuels and logistics - Bulmarket DM, Rail Cargo, Port Bulmarket, Bulmarket CNG, companies operating in Romania. The production and trade of biodiesel will be concentrated under the auspices of Astra Finance, including Astra Bioplant, Oleo Protein, Oberösterreichische Biodiesel, High Protein and others.

By the end of 2022, the companies in the group will invest a total of 42 million euros in projects that are in different phases of implementation. EUR 17 million will be invested in the production of biofuels, and over EUR 8 million will be invested in railway transport. More than 9m euros have been earmarked for the LVZ project, which envisions the former plant becoming a high-tech park and base for car repair and production.

 Bulmarket plans to enter the international financial markets by making an IPO of Astra Finance. Investors are expected to be offered shares worth up to 25% of the capital, and the company will be listed on one of the stock exchanges in London, Amsterdam or Vienna. A world-famous international bank has been hired as a consultant.

 In the next few months, projects to increase the capacity of the group's companies will be completed, with annual production of biodiesel increasing from 300 to 360 thousand tons per year and the production of pharmaceutical glycerin from 10 to 25 thousand tons per year. The construction of a new plant for pre-processing of used kitchen oils with a capacity of 165,000 tons per year is forthcoming, for which a building permit is expected. Projects are underway for distillation of vegetable organic liquids to fractions replacing oil derivatives at the Tegra base and for distillation of biodiesel to obtain "super pure" biodiesel.

 Bulmarket's production group aims to increase the production of second-generation biofuels by supplying 65% of its biodiesel production with residual / waste oil fractions - kitchen frying oils and used fats. Imports from China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia are relied on to provide the necessary raw materials, and a warehouse will be rented at one of the major Chinese ports for logistical purposes.

 Bulmarket Groupp aims to be the first Bulgarian company with a certificate for environmental social management (ESG) - a strategy of sustainable investment, which connects three main pillars - Ecology, Social Engagement and Corporate Governance. With this, the company aims to implement pre-prepared by the EU regulations for environmental sustainability of industries, services, businesses, as well as guidelines for disclosure of corporate information, which are part of various measures by which the EC will help achieve the goals of the Green Deal. the EU, the UN climate goals, the Paris climate agreement.