... or how we see the world through our eyes ...                                      

All of us, who share this planet and its resources, are united in a common organism. We are linked by the invisible strands of life and therefore we must treat everything and everyone with respect and love. And if we can compare our business, our friends, our partners or competitors with the human body, then the corporate social responsibility is its soul.

Still on its establishment BULMARKET DM Ltd follows a policy of socially committed conduct.  We are well aware that we are part of the society and we therefore have a duty to contribute to its development. Our generation must leave to the next one a cleaner environment, a more stable economy and, above all, a more humane society.

Therefore BULMARKET DM LTD supports its employees with various social packages, providing them access to quality healthcare, various charity initiatives for their families, care for their leisure activities in the workplace and full everyday life. We have modern halls for recreation, fitness areas and dancing halls. The aim is our staff to feel comfortable at work and find more friends in the team. The spirit of compassion and empathy is leading in the relationship between the people working in the company.  Because we know that the company's greatest wealth is the people.

Another important aspect of our activities as a socially committed company is the support of Bulgarian education. We are convinced that lifelong learning is an important aspect of individual and community development. We aim, through our various campaigns, to encourage the youths in their education. We encourage the talented children of our staff who make exhibitions in the different areas of our offices.

We know that a clean environment is the most important objective for every responsible company. Therefore, BULMARKET DM Ltd is planning investments of BGN 50 million for the next three years to build production facilities so as to minimize harmful emissions and to strictly meet the regulations of our environmental legislation.

The corporate social responsibility has many faces.  But how we treat our business partners is crucial to success. We have always been stable, responsible and accurate in our work. We are clear that professionalism must not only be supported of knowledge and a number of skills, but above all, with good attitude.

As a leading company in the region, we seek to support the local community, to be involved in the problems and their resolution, but above all to be a desired and favourite place of work in the region.