Bulmarket Autotransport

Bulmarket Autotransport is a leading company in international land transport. The company was established in 2013 and for more than 18 years has been developing its own ecological fleet for specialized road freight transport.

Bulmarket Avtotransport owns and puts into operation the first for Bulgaria trucks with LNG fuel (liquefied natural gas), performing ecological and economical transport in the country and abroad. Currently, the company has 25 trucks, and most of the tractors have engines that use natural gas methane (CNG compressed natural gas). All vehicles of Bulmarket Avtotransport are equipped with GPS tracking system and meet all requirements for freight in Bulgaria and the European Union.

Bulmarket Avtotransport specializes in the transportation of light fuels, propane-butane gas, LNG, bitumen, chemical products and marked fuel for vessels, including the supply of propane-butane gas and light fuels. All tank trucks of the company are excellently equipped and have a certificate for transport of dangerous goods ADR.

The company has a well-developed logistics network of its own bases and fleets in the cities of Ruse, Byala, Plovdiv, Lovech and Sofia.

With more than 18 years of experience in transport Bulmarket Avtotransport offers its customers competitive prices for transport with uncompromising quality of service, strict control over the location and condition of the cargo. As part of the large family of Bulmarket, the company has a completely closed range of services, which guarantees flexible, individual and complex solutions for deliveries.



Telephone: +359 82 817 430

Telephone.: +359 884 099 303

Email: auto@bulmarket.bg

Email: ivan.chehlarov@bulmarket.bg