The Faces of Bulmarket

           "Find a job you like and you will never have to work." 

Thus, the ancient thinker and philosopher Confucius formulated the sense of getting from the bed every day and going to the whirl of day-to-day tasks. Under this heading, we will present to you those people who became part of the company Bulmarket DM when it started its operations. Those men and women who gave strength, energy and potential to the company that further on become their second home. It brought together and gave impetus to their dreams and career development. 


One of the most charismatic persons of Bulmarket DM is Ivaylo Bonchev, who is only 25 years old when he first stepped over the company`s door.

Mr. Bonchev, how has it happened that you found yourself in Ruse from your native town Balchik?
It happened very incidentally and even when I expected it at least. I had completed my higher education when the owner of the Bulmarket DM, Mr. Stanko Stankov invited me to join his business. I started as a deputy manager of “Gas Facility”, after some years I became its manager, and today I am Sales Manager. I have gradually walked through all the steps of the company while I reached the position I hold today.

What is the secret of a successful career in your view?
In order to build a successful career, one must first of all be loyal to his employer. Do not think that I have not received offers from Bulmarket's competitors over the years. Just the opposite! But I have never seen myself as part of any other team. Because I was only 25 years old when I came to the company and I am aware that the half of my life I spent exactly in this company. I am sentimental of Bulmarket DM.  Amongst the other qualities, which a good worker must possess, is responsibility and motivation. We are what we do every day, despite our plans and dreams. Therefore we must always give the best of ourselves!

What is your work about?
Well, generally speaking, I am working on two fronts. On the one hand, I negotiate with our contractors, I am constantly monitoring fuel prices, and on the other, I am leading a team of young and ambitious people, which is a great challenge for me. I always approach with understanding and respect at every colleague, whether it is simply a client of the company or a worker of many years. The most important thing in relations and work is to be serious, responsible for what you are dealing with. 

What are you telling to the young people who are just starting work in the company?
In our company is no staff fluctuation, which is a serious indicator that the working conditions and environment are more than satisfactory. The best in Bulmarket DM is that here people work in team. If someone is in difficulty or is unable to manage with the specifics of his duties, we are not in a hurry to release him of work. We are looking for his strengths, his better skills and we find a position where he can really be the best. So here in the company you will not see angry people, all the people are supporting and respecting each other. I always say to my new colleagues to be executive and patient because in this way they will start their climbing on the ladder of success. Being part of the Bulmarket DM is a great chance that must not be missed! 

You really talk sentimentally about the company. Are you still grateful to Mr Stankov for his outstretched hand?
Mr Stankov is like my second father. I remember the first days when I came to the completely unknown town of Ruse, I did not have friends, environment….I did not know the streets, people, life here. He was the person who introduced me into his environment, who inspired me with courage, that I will manage and soon Ruse really turned into my home. A little bit later, I met my future wife, and that was exactly in the Bulmarket /he is laughing/. 

What is your son saying about you?
That I am the best father! /he laughs again/ I try to be as long as possible with him. During the weekend together we ride a bicycle, we play football, we talk, we share with each other. There is nothing more fantastic than being part of my son`s growing up! I am trying, by way of personal example, to show him that life is what you make it. You need to be purposeful, to have ambitions and the strength to realize them. But, at the same time, to be good with people and always respect them. 

How do you relax from the strain of your daily life?
Mainly by running in the park. I live near one of the parks and I run for health and tone almost every morning. If I have time I love to support my favourite football team ‘Levski’! 

The most difficult moment in your work over the years?
Oh, for all of us in Bulmarket, the most terrible moment remains the tragedy in Hitrino. It is a terrible feeling – to see the people`s suffering and not to be able to explain exactly how it happened….To be blamed by the society, but to know that the fault is not yours at all…..But let us not come back to this moment. Nobody has ever wanted this to happen, and we are all sad for the suffered families. 

The most funny moment in your work?
These are the so called team building meetings. We bring together, we cooperate in funny games, we know each other, we become friends, we solve real problems…. Generally speaking, when we have fun is like we work, we give everything of ourselves! 

What brings you satisfaction?
The whole life and mostly the success! When we have a deal and the company is profitable, then I have done my job well. I love my work and what I do every day!