The largest private port for public transport on the Danube River in Bulgaria.

The largest private port for public transport on the Danube River in Bulgaria.

PORT BULMARKET JSC is the largest private port for public transport on the Danube River in Bulgaria. It offers a wide range of services, a great deal of flexibility at the application of complex solutions that may satisfy even the most demanding clients. 

The port is for public transport of regional importance, according to the Maritime Space, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria Act. PORT BULMARKET JSC is a port operator and on the basis of Order No 3-76/05.03.2014 of the Maritime Administration Agency,  Sofia city, it has been granted access to the market of port services - as a public transport port of regional importance "Port Bulmarket" - Ruse, with a reg. code 421100. 

It is situated on the bank of the Danube River from km 484.150 to km 484.800 with

Total length of the coastline - 825 m.  

The total area of PORT BULMARKET JSC is 37 645 m², as are isolated 7 piers in 4 different terminals, together with the related infrastructure - 16 000 m. together with the developed railway infrastructure.

A terminal for dangerous goods is built at the eastern part of the port (berth 7): propane - butane, crude oil, petroleum products (diesel, gas oil, oils), with an area of 3 177 m². The terminal has a floating overload facility with a pump-compressor station to carry out transloading operations. All possibilities for ship-shore transloading and vice versa are provided.

The processing of petrol and petroleum products and other liquid cargoes is carried out by two pumps each at a rate of 100 m3/hour situated at the transloading facility.

At berth No 6 is situated a second pontoon, which is registered in "Maritime Administration", Ruse, with statute of floating-transloading facility to process petroleum liquid cargoes, vegetable oil and biodiesel from specialized ships (tankers) in licensed customs warehouses and vice versa.

PORT BULMARKET JSC is equipped with its own manoeuvre pusher 'STELLA', as well as substitution group for the provision of better and more comprehensive services to its clients. The overall manoeuvre operations of the vessels and servicing of crewless vessels in the region of the port and in particular of the other ports are carried out by the crew of manoeuvre vessel and the team of the substitution group. Powered pusher “STELLA” is certified for the handling of dangerous goods, which allows for the manoeuvre, servicing and provision of crewless vessels carrying dangerous goods.

The staff servicing both transloading facilities has a long experience in the field of dangerous goods, which ensures a rapid and smooth transloading of the goods. Both terminals have developed fire-fighting infrastructure powered by two independent water sources which, in combination with the competent professionals, ensures the rapid dealing with any emergency situation.

The port is connected through the industrial branch with the railway lines in Ruse and is the owner of this branch - 6 km from Ruse North railway station to BULMARKET railway station and 11 km tracks in the industrial area.

The port is equipped with railway scale and two auto-scales to determine the tonnage of cargo when handling ships, wagons and cars. 


Project Dionysus officially started on July 1st, 2020, as a result of the cooperation between port administrations and operators, business associations, academic circles and the national authorities of the Danube countries. 

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The 2nd DIONYSUS Consortium Meeting was organized online together with the 2nd Work Package & Activity Leaders Meeting and the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting on 26th May 2021 with members of Port of Bulmarket being represented.

The aim of the meetings was to report on project progress and achievements so far. The status of all project Work Packages was presented during the Work Package & Activity Leaders Meeting. 48 Project partners participated in the virtual event.

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